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California Pharmacists can prescribe birth controls

Which birth control methods can you prescribe at your pharmacy?

At North Oaks Pharmacy, women will have their choice of the pill, patch, ring, or injection. In California, women of any age can access this service from a certified pharmacist, so there are no age minimums and no ID checks. This service is completely confidential and no information can be shared with parents or anyone else.

What about pap smears?

A pelvic examination and pap smear aren’t necessary to initiate hormonal birth control, but they’re important for other health reasons. Women seeking birth control from a pharmacist in California will need to complete a health history questionnaire and have their blood pressure taken at the pharmacy. The pharmacist will use this information to determine which methods of birth control are safe.

If the pharmacist finds something concerning in the patient’s health history, or if the patient desires a long-acting birth control device, then the pharmacist will refer the patient to a provider who can help with that.

After the visit, the pharmacist will send a note to the woman’s primary care physician to fill them in, unless the patient doesn’t want the pharmacist to do that.

How much does this service cost?

If you have insurance, your birth control will be covered with your insurance the same as it was written by a physician. There is only one time fee of $25 for the visit. You can submit the receipt to your insurance company for the reimbursement.